Daniel Andre Roy

1. Personal Information

Address:Institute of International Education
Kyung Hee University
1 Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu
Seoul 130-701, South Korea
Cell phone: 017-216-7602
E-mail: daroy68@yahoo.com


Languages:French, English and Russian (fluent); Intermediate Korean
Basic knowledge of Spanish, Ukrainian, Polish, Welsh,
Ancient Greek, Mongolian and several other languages

ProfessionalMember of the Association of Translators and Interpreters
Affiliations:of Ontario (ATIO)

2. Education

Concordia UniversityGraduate Diploma1996
Montreal, CanadaEnglish to French Translation

University of OttawaMaster's Degree1995
Ottawa, CanadaSlavic Languages, Literature and Linguistics

University of OttawaBachelor's Degree1991
Ottawa, CanadaSlavic Studies (Magna cum laude)

State University of LeningradFour-month certificate1990
Leningrad, USSR

Dalhousie UniversityIntensive Russian study (1 semester)1989
Halifax, Canada

3. Teaching Experience

1999-2000Kyung Hee UniversityProfessor of English Composition, Conversation
Seoul, South KoreaListening and Medical English

1997-1999Taejon UniversityProfessor of English Composition, Conversation
Taejon, South KoreaLiterature and Linguistics, at both graduate and
undergraduate levels

1994University of OttawaTaught SLV 2940 - Intermediate Russian Conversation
Ottawa, Canadato English- and French-speakers

1993University of OttawaCo-taught SLV 3940 - Advanced Russian Conversation
Ottawa, Canadaand SLV 2940 to English- and French-speakers

4. Translation

1995-97CalculusTranslation from English into French of software and
Cie d'informatique lteeuser manuals designed for laboratory technicians
3200 Autoroute Laval Westin the fields pathology, microbiology, haemotology
Laval, Quebec H7T 2H6and gynecology; frequent translation of scientific
texts, reports and documents from French into English

1990-95University of OttawaTranslation from Russian into English and/or French of
numerous articles, texts, letters, essays, etc.;
for Professors A. Donskov and J. Woodsworth

1995Master's ThesisTranslation from Russian into English of Konstantin
University of OttawaVaginov's 1929 novel, Trudy i dni Svistonova
("The Works and Days of Svistonov"); unpublished

1995PoetryTranslation from Russian into English of half of
Konstantin Vaginov's poetic oeuvre; unpublished

1995Encyclopedia articleTranslation from English into French of Professor
Richard Sokoloski's 3000-word article on Polish poet
Tadeusz Rozewicz; published in the Encyclopedia
of European Post-Modernism, 1998

1994-95University of OttawaTranscription and mise en page (in Russian) of
unpublished versions and outtakes of various works by
Lev Tolstoy (including chapters from War and Peace
and Anna Karenina) for Professors A. Donskov
(U. of Ottawa), G. Galagan (U. of St. Petersburg) and
L. Opulskaya (Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow);
published in 1998

1994-95University of OttawaTranscription and mise en page (in Russian) of
various letters and documents sent to Lev Tolstoy at
the turn of the century; for Professors A. Donskov et al.
(see above); some translation; published July 1995

1993Le Theatre du TrilliumTranslation from Russian into French of Liudmila
24 Springfield St. Razumovskaya's 1980 play, Dorogaya Yelena
Vanier, Ontario K1L 8E2Sergeyevna ("Chere Mlle Elena"); staged at Ottawa's
National Arts Centre, March 22-April 1, 1995

1993University of OttawaCorrection of students' translations from Russian
into French of short articles and texts for Professor
John Woodsworth's TRA 4944 class

1993CTV News (BCTV)Translation from Russian into English of reporter
Suite 401, 165 Sparks St.Mark Schneider's interviews with Muscovites
Ottawa, Ontario

1991Le Theatre du TrilliumTranslation from Russian into French of Alexander
24 Springfield St.Galin's 1987 play, Zvyozdy na utrennom nebe
Vanier, Ontario K1L 8E2("Stars in the Morning Sky"); staged at Ottawa's
Arts Court, April 21-May 2, 1992

1989Dalhousie UniversityServed as Russian-English interpreter for visiting
Halifax, Nova ScotiaSoviet professor

5. Editing Experience

1999-2000Kyung Hee UniversityProofread, edited and rewrote several dozen articles for
Seoul, South Koreathe Oriental and Western Medicine Colleges and the
Textile and Design College; published in several Korean

1999Kyung Hee UniversityProofread and edited Professor Choi Seung Hoon's
Seoul, South Koreatranslation of Dr. Lee Je Ma's 200-page work on the
Four Constitutions; to be published by 2002

1997-98Taejon UniversityProofread, edited and rewrote five issues of the
Taejon, South Koreauniversity's English-language newspaper,
The Taejon Monitor

6. Overseas Travel

Soviet Union (1990, four months)Lithuania
Czechoslovakia (1990, two weeks)Latvia
Greece (1990, two weeks)EstoniaThis second column represents
Turkey (1994, three weeks)Ukraineformer Soviet republics, as well as
The Netherlands (1994, one week)Belorussiaautonomous regions, visited in 1990
Cuba (1996, one week)Georgiawhile studying in Leningrad
France (various dates, three months)Kabardino
South Korea (1997-2000)

7. References

Available upon request

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