Sun-duk Jeong

Birthday:January 30, 1973
Place of birth:Kwangyang, Chollanam-do, South Korea
Hobbies:movies, travel, reading
Education:Chinju Girls' High School
Pusan Women's University - B.A. in English Education
Ewha Women's University - M.A. in International Trade

This short essay on myself - my background, my goals, my work ethic -, although perfunctory, will, I hope, give the prospective employer a fairly accurate idea of the benefits he or she will enjoy if I am deemed worthy of hiring.
I would like first to emphasize my strong oral and written command of English. I have taught English translation to people who hoped to get a license in English-to-Korean or Korean-to-English translation, as well as English conversation at the Asia Interpretation and Tourism Institute and the Min Byung Chul (BCM) Language Institute in Pusan. I was also a Korean instructor to foreigners living in Korea, and have taken simultaneous translation and interpretation classes at an institute for advanced English composition skills. Even though I only lived for thirteen months in North America, the very great part that English has occupied in my adult life has meant constant contact with English-speaking foreigners and improvement in my English abilities.
Although English still serves as the principal language of business, it seems that knowing Japanese and Chinese has become every bit as important in Korea. Thus, I have been studying both languages in order to develop my individual competitiveness in the globalized marketplace. I have always had a strong desire to learn as much as I can, and because of this attitude, I believe myself to be a fast learner with even the most unfamiliar of subjects. In fact, I consider learning one of the greatest pleasures in life.
Being accepted to the Ewha Graduate School of International Studies' two-year, English-only program, with full scholarship from government grants, proved a wonderful opportunity for me to gain knowledge of, and insight into international relations and trade, supplemented with various hands-on experience and internships. Having now graduated, I hope to continue my career along these same lines in Mongolia.
I enjoy working on projects that require creativity. Unfamiliar tasks may not always be agreeable, but I welcome them as challenges that will broaden my horizons. I am also hardworking, with a strong sense of responsibility. I have learned how to cope with stress, and believe work should be a pleasure, not a grind.
Another strong point is my willingness to help and interact with people. Wherever I have worked, I have made sure to integrate myself into the social fabric of my workplace, to strive for the common good. This cooperative approach may have its roots in my undergraduate major, English Education.
I thank you very much for your consideration. I hope I may in the future have the opportunity to work for your company.

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