Christmas 1971
My sister Josee and I (sorry, I can't reproduce the French accents on Tripod America - I guess I should have used the one in France, but I think the online storage space is much smaller, judging from my experience with Tripod Korea).
Anyway, you see here some of my earliest and fondest memories: the black-and-white TV set, the blow-up chairs, our white board with the magnetic numbers and letters (my father, a math teacher, taught us how to add and subtract before we started kindergarten), and our ubiquitous Christmas tree, which would stand us in good stead for close to twenty-five years. It looked huge until I actually left home for university. Then it hit me my first Christmas back from Ottawa - I was taller that it !
Growing up is so hard... Especially when surrounded by the garish colours of the early '70s!