At the time of this writing, one American dollar was worth about T1100. Round it out to a thousand, then remember that the average Mongolianís wages are around 30,000 or 40,000 tugriks a month, and youíll get a good idea of the cost of living here.

Bread: T250-T300 a loaf
Beef: T1100-T1500 a kilogram
Chocolate Bar: T350 apiece
Milk: T650-T900 a litre
Yogurt: T300-T400 a cup
Butter: T1000-T1500 a kilogram
Hazelnut spread: T1300-T1600 a jar
Bananas: T1800-T2000 a kilogram
Red Grapes: T1800-T2000 a kilogram
Mongolian Potatoes: T350-T400 a kilogram
Chinese Potatoes: T250-T300 a kilogram
Carrots: T450-T500 a kilogram
Chinese Onions: T400-T500 a kilogram
Russian Onions: T700-T800 a kilogram
German Jam: T1300-T600 a jar
Polish Jam: T900-T1000 a jar

Mongolian Food: T500-T1000 a meal
Mexican Food: T5000-T8000 a meal
French Food: T3000-T6000 a meal
Indian Food: T2000-T4000 a meal
Chinese Food: T1500-T3000 a meal
Korean Food: T3500-T10,000 a meal
Japanese Food: T3500-T10,000 a meal
Turkish Food: T2500-T5000 a meal
American Food: T2500-T6000 a meal
German Food: T3500-T6000 a meal
Italian Food: T3000-T6000 a meal
Pizza: T2000-T4000 for a large pie
Tea: T500 a cup
Soft Drink: T1000 a glass
Mongolian Beer: T1500-T2000 a bottle
Korean Beer: T1000-T1500 a bottle
Foreign Beer: T2000-T3000 a bottle

Winter Boots: T20,000-T50,000 a pair
Gloves: T2500-T8000 a pair

Office Supplies
Pens: T200 each

Irons: T20,000 each


Bus: T200 a ticket for adults, T100 with a discount pass, and free for children, students and the elderly
Trolley: T100 a ticket
Mini-vans: T100 or T200 a ticket, depending on the distance
Taxi: T350 a kilometre