United Nations in MongoliaA very comprehensive site with excellent maps and pictures
UN agencies in MongoliaClick here to find out what kind of activities the UN is sponsoring in Mongolia
Friends of MongoliaA U.S.-based NGO run by Mongolians and Americans
Mongolian Foundation for Open Society (Soros Foundation)Daniel's employer! A very large NGO that does much to foster democracy and free speech
Rotary Club fo MongoliaAnother very worthwhile NGO trying to upgrade Mongolia's technological capacities
Food for the Hungry InternationalSun-duk's employer! A Christian relief organisation with branches in over three dozen countries

The Government of MongoliaWith links to each ministry; in English
The Mongolian ParliamentFor those who enjoy exploring the labyrinthine world of politics and law-making
The President of MongoliaSo what's Natsagiin Bagabandi *really* like?
The Ministry of External RelationsA good place to get information on visas and such

Mongolia On-LineMongolia's main portal page and search engine
The Mongol MessengerMongolia's first English-language newspaper
The UB PostMongolia's junior English-language newspaper
UBS TelevisionMongolia's most popular TV station; in English
Radio UlaanbaatarListen to Mongolian music, traditional and popular
AudiocityMongolian music audio archive
Modern LifeA very slick-looking and interesting on-line magazine sponsored by the United Nations
Mongolia This WeekMongolia's first and only online-only newspaper; in English
Mongolia TodayA quarterly online magazine; in English
Mongolia WorldAn interesting catch-all site about Mongolia that's run by a Japanese woman
Ger On-Line MagazineAnother nice site with some lovely pictures; basically a Mongolan primer
Gobi Business NewsIf you're thinking of investing in Mongolia, this is the place to visit before taking the plunge

The Mongolia SocietyA site on the study of Mongolia - its history, language, and culture
The Institute for Strategic StudiesAn independent body that works out security policies for the Mongolian government
Mongolian Technical UniversityOne of Mongolia's largest universities
School of Economic StudiesLocated at Mongolian State University
The International School of Mongolian StudiesFor those wishing to learn Mongolian in Mongolia
Mongolian Agricultural UniversityMany graduates end up working for Sun-duk's NGO, setting up farms and greenhouse projects

Karakorum ExpeditionsThe UN people are high on this agency
Boojum ExpeditionsWe have some of this tour agency's literature; a bit pricey, but top-notch
Jeep ToursThe modern Mongolian camel - and it's Russian, to boot
Nomads ToursProbably the best-known tour agency in the country
Lonely Planet Mongolian PageGood, concise, up-to-date info, with actual e-mails from recent travellers
NaraguyWe don't really know them, but they have a very nice homepage, and they're French!

Impressions from MongoliaWondeful photographs from a man who trekked through Mongolia several years ago
Mongolia's Wild HeritageA guide to the country's protected areas
Baatar's Great Mongolian Gobi Desert HomepageMuch more than a simple, pretty picture page; a must-visit

Meat, Milk and MongoliaN. Oyunbayar cooks up some buuz and gives a breakdown of the major Mongolian food groups
Kerij-E's Mongolian PageThis Western woman with a Far-Eastern name is a Mongolian specialist; her page is phenomenally detailed
Virtual MongolA nice website developed by a Japanese woman who's lived in Mongolia
Throat-Singing SocietyEverything you've always wanted to know about this strangest of vocal dances practiced across North-Central Asia
Almaz's Amazing World of BokeA gorgeous website dedicated to the art of Mongolian Wrestling
Mobinet Pictures of NaadamEnjoy Mongolia's festival of the "three manly sports" from the comfort of your home
CulturEvolutionThis site is chock-full of traditional (and illustrated) Mongolian folk tales
Hundaga's HomepageA Mongolian student in Nebraska, U.S.A., has designed a very cool-looking website; in Mongolian

Zuud 2000Learn about the horror of last year's winter disaster, which left 2.5 million head of livestock dead; dozens of original photographs
English-Mongolian DictionaryOver 23,000 entries and growing